Embrace digital

We help you launch digital products and services.


Digital products and services consulting

We work with creative organizations to launch digital products and services. Our key competencies are:

  • market positioning, demand research, competitive analysis
  • solution planning, architectures, enterprise integration
  • international b2b pre-sales
  • organizational development


Digital ventures

We operate our own ventures in the digital world. We practice what we preach. Our assets are:

  • the Savalera smart shopping platform provides automatic ways to aggregate and market the most relevant products on the internet.
  • the productivity app suite is under development. It provides practical tools for home workers and SMEs.


Web-app development

Full stack development, single page applications, built for the cloud.

  • React, Redux, Node
  • PHP, Wordpress, PHP Fat-Free Framework
  • Django, Python
  • Mongo, MySQL
  • HTML, CSS, SASS, Javascript
  • Jekyll
  • OpenShift